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There are often many words that need to be said after that phrase.  So often, there are things that I carry in my chest; things that I'm afraid to imagine saying out loud.  There was a time where I shoved it down and tried to keep holding my breath for fear of what an honest conversation would bring upon me.  This is where my first album "Between You and Me," enters in.  

This album is a collection of thoughts, feelings, confessions, revelations and musings from the last five years.  They're songs written to you as my listener, my wife and to the Lord through a prayer.  I spent time in the early parts of this musical endeavor trying to be anything but the "tender-hearted, singer-songwriter" guy.  Eventually, I couldn't help it.  It's my foundation, trailing all the way back to my teen years and there's something relieving, as a writer, about taking a simple chord progression and sitting into the feeling you need to get off your chest.  This season of songs was influenced by John Mayer, Jon Foreman, NEEDTOBREATHE, Kevin Klein, Tyson Motsenbocker and so many other talented, tender artists.  If you enjoy influences of folk, americana, and acoustic with a little sprinkling of alt rock and soul mixed in, then I think you'll really enjoy this record.

 I hope this album can soundtrack your thoughts and feelings as you admit all the things that need saying after that surrendered phrase: "Between You and Me,".


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