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...his sensational voice gives us incredible melodies and unique harmonies in which we are honored of being able to have contact with an artist of enormous talent.

-Fabiano Menon, Roadie Music 

The atmospheric pop energy of this track really makes it feel powerful.

-Ear to the Ground Music on "Nursery Lie"

Hearing Jon’s song "Rest" live for the first time struck me to consider the areas of my life that I needed to seek healing and rest in. It was the start of my journey toward finding rest in Christ for my past. I am beyond thankful for Jon’s example of vulnerability in sharing his life and music.

- Gabby Dalton, fan on "Rest"

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The first time you hear Kalamazoo based songwriter Jon Hayes you are immediately reminded of John Mayer. With his soulful tones and a storytelling ability reminiscent of Bon Iver and NEEDTOBREATHE, this musician carries an unwavering commitment to
authenticity and honesty.

Developing a love of music from a young age, Jon spent his time break dancing to DC Talk, playing the flute, and creating garage bands with his brother. But after years of trying to make it while also serving as a musician in the church, he realized that music had become his God. With no sense of who he was without music, Jon gave it up. Thankfully, soon afterwards, under the encouragement of his soon-to-be wife and some deep soul deconstruction, Jon gave music another shot and somewhere on this journey
of profound heartache, pride, and then humility, Jon found his voice again.
He officially branched out as a soloist in 2018 and released his first single "Temporary" that same year, leading him to perform extensively around the Midwest and Northeast America taking the stages at Creation Festival and Soul Fest.

His mixture of storytelling and song-craft made him a favorite among locals. And as he opened up about his childhood experience of sexual abuse, his music became a conduit of healing for many. This paved the way for more songs that delved further into his introspective themes and tender style, including his song "Nursery Lie", which reached over 10, 000 streams on Spotify alone its first six months.  It was featured on prominent indie folk playlists such as Indie Folk Central and Mahogany Coffee House.

Jon’s candid nature and humor put him on a circuit of house shows, allowing him and his wife to balance parenthood with their three (soon to be four) kids and his emerging career. It became clear that Jon had an audience ready and willing to back a new album.  Enter the project, and the album "Between You & Me," which released in February 2023 through direct distribution and is now available on all streaming platforms.

Jon recorded in basements, offices and bedrooms, and pulled it together with a team of talented friends who played the role of session players, mixers and designers. With evocative tracks that capture the joy, sorrow, and hope of living, he offers a truly vulnerable and beautifully crafted album to the world.

Enjoy the culmination of five years of work and listen to Jon Hayes' "Between You & Me," now.  He's busy playing local and regional gigs and shows, but will be releasing more music later this year.  Be sure to follow him on socials and Spotify so you don't miss a beat!

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Between You and Me (Live Acoustic One Take)

Idols (Live Acoustic One Take)

"Into The Mystery" (NEEDTOBREATHE) - Covered by Jon Hayes

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What they're saying...

"Nothing To Find" feels like a drive down a dark road on a late summer evening from a past life. Jon really struck something here with this song. It felt like a melody I’ve known for years when I listened to it for the first time. In a world where we are constantly looking - for more time, more connection, more information, more ways to monetize our hobbies and loves - Nothing To Find reminds us the simpler and best moments are not within what we find but in what finds us.

-Kevin Klein, lead singer Valleyheart

I can’t adequately express how much this song means to me. I always seem to hear it at the perfect time.

-John Hollis, GA/TN Promoter on "Rest"

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