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"Only You" - Jon Hayes (Live From Dogtown Studio)
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We want those tangible moments.  The kind of moments that make life feel like we're stepping into a movie, just for a moment.  For me, a lot of those memories are at concerts, festivals that I would wait all year for just for that feeling of being home in a way that's different than actually going home.  With the "Summer of '23" tour, you can bring that kind of moment to your backyard.  This tour is the second installment of a tour birthed last summer when my wife, my three kids and I piled into our minivan with full music gear, luggage for a month, and toddler gear galore to trek across the midwest and northeast to do two things: see old friends and family and play some music.  These concerts were so well received at each stop.  Most people have never experienced the low key, intimate atmosphere of a house concert.  It's not loud, it's not flashy, instead it's a time where an artist brings an instrument, their voice, and the stories behind their songs to share with people who have just met them.  

So how does it work?  If you decide to be a host, all you need is a space (your backyard, your living room, your basement, wherever really as long as it can seat at least 15 people comfortably) and at least 15 of your music/event loving friends/family.  You don't pay me anything, your only cost is some light refreshments for your guests, your time and your home.  Instead, there's a suggested donation of $10-15 per person for all of your guests.  (If someone's strapped for cash, no worries, let them come!  If someone's feeling extra generous, that's wonderful, generosity helps me a lot in these events!). I take care of the music and the sound system, you take care of the people and the place.  I get the opportunity to share my music with brand new folks and receive some support and you get to craft a memorable night with your closest people.  If you'd like to host one of these nights, fill out the contact form below.  "Summer of '23" is mostly focusing on Midwest locations, but CONUS offers will be gladly accepted for future dates.

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